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Here is a collection of community-submitted configuration presets for Starship. If you have a preset to share, please submit a PR updating this file! 😊

To get details on how to use a preset, simply click on the image.

Nerd Font Symbols

This preset changes the symbols for each module to use Nerd Font symbols.

Screenshot of Nerd Font Symbols preset

No Nerd Fonts

This preset changes the symbols for several modules so that no Nerd Font symbols are used anywhere in the prompt.


This preset will become the default preset in a future release of starship.

Click to view No Nerd Font preset

Bracketed Segments

This preset changes the format of all the built-in modules to show their segment in brackets instead of using the default Starship wording ("via", "on", etc.).

Screenshot of Bracketed Segments preset

Plain Text Symbols

This preset changes the symbols for each module into plain text. Great if you don't have access to Unicode.

Screenshot of Plain Text Symbols preset

No Runtime Versions

This preset hides the version of language runtimes. If you work in containers or virtualized environments, this one is for you!

Screenshot of Hide Runtime Versions preset

No Empty Icons

This preset does not show icons if the toolset is not found.

Screenshot of No Empty Icons preset

Pure Prompt

This preset emulates the look and behavior of Pure.

Screenshot of Pure preset

Pastel Powerline

This preset is inspired by M365Princess. It also shows how path substitution works in starship.

Screenshot of Pastel Powerline preset

Tokyo Night

This preset is inspired by tokyo-night-vscode-theme.

Screenshot of Tokyo Night preset

Gruvbox Rainbow

This preset is heavily inspired by Pastel Powerline, and Tokyo Night.

Screenshot of Gruvbox Rainbow preset


This is a pseudo minimalist preset inspired by the geometry and spaceship prompts.

Screenshot of Jetpack preset