# Presets

Here is a collection of community-submitted configuration presets for Starship. If you have a preset to share, please submit a PR (opens new window) updating this file! 😊

To get details on how to use a preset, simply click on the image.

# Nerd Font Symbols

This preset changes the symbols for each module to use Nerd Font symbols.

Screenshot of Nerd Font Symbols preset

# Bracketed Segments

This preset changes the format of all the built-in modules to show their segment in brackets instead of using the default Starship wording ("via", "on", etc.).

Screenshot of Bracketed Segments preset

# Plain Text Symbols

This preset changes the symbols for each module into plain text. Great if you don't have access to Unicode.

Screenshot of Plain Text Symbols preset

# No Runtime Versions

This preset hides the version of language runtimes. If you work in containers or virtualized environments, this one is for you!

Screenshot of Hide Runtime Versions preset

# Pure Prompt

This preset emulates the look and behavior of Pure (opens new window).

Screenshot of Pure preset

# Pastel Powerline

This preset is inspired by M365Princess (opens new window). It also shows how path substitution works in starship.

Screenshot of Pastel Powerline preset